Why Choose Reclaimed Metals

The foundation and inspiration for Bohemian Roots is focused on unique styles without depleting our Mother Earth or your wallet. By using reclaimed materials, we produce products that are not only beautiful, and one of a kind, but are eco-friendly as well. All of the materials we use have been locally sourced or reclaimed. and they are always fair trade. Fair Trade refers to the market in which the materials were purchased. By using Fair Trade materials, we can ensure the producers and artisans are receiving the highest price possible for their products and that they are paid directly. This lowers costs by cutting out the middle-man. Today, much of the fashion jewelry found in department stores and mall boutiques, are mass produced by near slave labor. When you buy artisan goods and jewelry, you are making a difference in our over-industrialized world while looking beautiful and stylish.

Bohemian Roots creates the most modern and stylish fashion jewelry at great prices. The best part is that all of the metals, gems, and crystals used in our jewelry are locally sourced and/or reclaimed, which lessens the demand for mass mineral mining that devastates land formation and can poison local inhabitants. We seek to create fashionable, sustainable,jewelry without depleting natural resources and your bank account. When you receive compliments on your jewelry, you'll be able to share its eco-friendly history, inspiring others to be conscious of the many ways today's goods are produced, and encouraging them to buy local handmade artisan goodds.