About Us

Bohemian Roots is a line of hand-made one of a kind jewelry and dyed wares created by Lauren Racusin. Lauren has been designing and hand making jewelry since she was a young girl. She has continued since then experimenting and exploring in different mediums, finding deep satisfaction in creating.

A true Bohemian whose ancestors were from Bohemia, Lauren has maintained the values of generations of creators. Her personal inspiration for her craft has always come from nature. “Being in nature, I feel a connection to my creativity. Nature is an incredible source of inspiration for an artist. Everywhere I see shapes, textures, and symmetries that inspire me for my designs.” 

Lauren's line of wares and goods are handmade with unmatched care and attention. Using ethically sourced materials and/or recycled goods when possible, she creates with the intention of leaving a small ecological footprint  on earth and a huge smile on someone's face.

"I'm honored to be able to share my love of creating with you!"