About Us

Bohemian Roots is a line of hand-made one of a kind jewelry and dyed wares created by Lauren Racusin, who began creating jewelry from age 8. Through Lauren's global travel and time spent in urban and rural America, Lauren has gained knowledge and taste for diverse aesthetics and lifestyles. In 2004, as she settled in Sonoma County, Northern California, Lauren found the inspiration for Bohemian Roots.

The line of jewelry and hand-dyed wares were designed for the contemporary, eco-conscious modern person, whether in a country or urban setting. Each piece of Bohemian Roots is the result of a creative process of discovery and is truly unique and one of a kind. The hand dyed and folded Shibori wares are each made with utmost care and love.

“Being in nature, I feel a connection to my creativity. Nature is an incredible source of inspiration for a jewelry designer. Everywhere I see shapes, textures, and symmetries that inspire me for my designs.” - Lauren Racusin