Indigo Wave Lounge Set

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Ditch your old sweats and feel pretty again! These super soft wide leg loungers and cropped tank tops are the perfect solution for the I’ve-been-home-way-too-long blues. They look good, they feel good, they’re so easy! 

Due to the hand-dyed nature of this product, patterns will vary.

• Made of: 35% cotton 65% polyester

• Size: Medium

• Care: These items have been washed and the color is set so your hand dyed items should not ‘bleed’ dye when washed. To preserve the color, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and air dry. The color does have the potential to fade the more it’s washed. Direct sunlight will not affect your dyed ware unless it receives long direct sun exposure.

Patterns will vary. Cuteness will not.