Bamboo Baby Beanie

Mountain Sunset
Rain Cloud
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The littlest coziest bamboo-yist cap you’ve seen yet. Put on your baby for cute comfort or give it to your friends baby as a super sweet handmade gift.

Due to the hand-dyed nature of this product, patterns will vary. Cuteness will not.

Every item is hand-dyed in small batches of unique colors. Each dye color is new and one of a kind  without using a recipe. Small “imperfections” in the prints are what add to the handmade appeal of our work.


  • Made of: 70% Rayon Bamboo/30% Cotton
  • Size: one size 
  • Care: This item has been washed and the color is set so your hand-dyed item should not ‘bleed’ dye when washed. To preserve the color, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and air dry. The color does have the potential to fade the more it is washed. Direct sunlight will not affect your dyed ware unless it receives long direct sun exposure.

Patterns will vary.