Sustainable Fashion

One of a Kind

Our bodies are our canvases and creating beautiful art on our canvas can boost our energy mentally and emotionally. When we adorn ourselves with a piece of jewelry, we are sharing an intimate piece of our inner self, our very identity, with the world. Our jewelry choices can shift from big and bold in one moment, to simple and subdued in another, but they are always deeply individual and imbued with meaning and sentimentality. Equally important to the piece is its birth, its creation, and its impact on the earth. Handcrafted, recycled jewelry is not just a fad or fashionable trend, it’s a simple and effective way to let your dollar speak in real time. Feeling good and having a healthy, happy self image are two very important aspects of daily life. And adding a beautiful, sustainable piece of lovingly recycled jewelry allows us to look gorgeous while feeling great about doing our everyday small part to love and protect the earth.